Saturday, April 02, 2011


One thing about Islam that cannot be argued is that it was founded by Mohammad on the basis that it would ultimately transcend and replace Judaism and Christianity and begin by overcoming the pagan Bedouin of the Arabian peninsula by force of arms and will. That the Jews and Christians have not yet folded to the Muslim demand changes nothing. The Qu'ran is the revealed word of Allah which exists forever without the intermediation of Man, and as such is not, and cannot be in error. It remains so in Eqypt today.

”We cannot put God’s orders to a referendum,” said Ibrahim Mohamed, 21, one of the Salafi students.

Egypt, which was the first Christian state targeted and conquered by the Arab Muslim Caliphate almost 1,400 years ago, now intends it appears, to be the seat of a reborn 21st century Caliphate for our new greening planet. But what will the Persians have to say of this? So who will supply the necessary weapons? More to the point, who will repair the cars, collect the garbage, and fix the sewers and the broken power grids? Oh, and why is the Mahdi's coming so suddenly necessary to the Persians? Anyone care to answer?