Monday, October 09, 2006

How do we know what we know?

Gagdad bob is exploring things epistomological such as the nature of the spell we each cast over over own interior worlds. How does that spell color our perceptions or limit or psychic ken? For instance:

"Rather, science could only be grounded in liberty, not just any liberty, but within a teleological liberty aimed at disclosing transcendent truth. One must be committed to truth while, at the same time, refrain from explicitly defining that truth at the outset. One of the reasons why Polanyi was such a creative scientist was that he came to science as an outsider, and was therefore not committed to certain widely held "truths" that had stymied other scientists. One can say the same thing for his philosophy, as he approached problems in an entirely fresh way, not knowing that he was “wasting his time.” In so doing, he avoided the institutionalized errors of professional philosophers. " Liberating thoughts. See it here:

One Cosmos: Hey Hey, We're the Monkeys! Evolving and Adapting in Cyberspace

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