Friday, October 12, 2007

England bends over, the Dutch stand up

Good news from Holland, bad news from England, in this brief comparison piece from The Gathering Storm:

"Now that Tony Blair and his hard line stance against terrorism has been removed because his stance sparked Muslim anger, now the UK pledges to work more closely with local communities to fight terrorism.

God forbid that we should take a hard line stance on those that want to kill us. But we sure don’t want to insult those that wish to impose Sharia law on us all – do we?

Tony McNulty also described the phrase "war on terror" as "crass". Naughty. Naughty.

I mean, according to liberals, what creates terrorists is not their blind devotion to jihad – but a few simple words. But on the Continent – some Dutch are not buying it.

In a joint opinion piece in newspaper De Volkskrant, Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders and Ehsan Jami, founder of the Committee for ex-Muslims, warned yesterday against what they see as an attempt by Islam to conquer the world. They compare the Prophet Mohammed to Adolf Hitler.

Wilders and Jami suggest that a hushing-up culture reigns in the Netherlands on Islam. They criticise National Anti-terrorism Coordinator Tjibbe Joustra, who recently warned that radical statements about Islam could give the final push to individuals poised on the edge of violence.

"We consider that Joustra should catch terrorists instead of trying to muzzle politicians," according to Wilders and Jami. "His remarks are inappropriate for this reason alone. But we also wonder whether what Joustra claims is actually true. (...) Does Joustra really think that religious maniacs who want to use violence to please Allah need Jami or Wilders as an extra spur to move into action?

Wilders and Jami refer to the 1960s and 1970s, when "Christianity and Jesus Christ were heavily insulted and criticised" in the Netherlands. (...) Did Christians then commit violence en masse? (...) Of course not. Such processes are unique to the Islamic ideology of hatred, violence and intolerance."


Michael said...

The UK's stance on terrorism has hardly changed at all since Brown replaced Blair - you only have to look at the continued push for ID cards and 90 day detention without trial. It's somewhat ironic that The Gathering Storm should itself fixate so much on just a few little words...

Emerson Twain said...


I don't disagree-on its face it is something of a fixation, but from over here it looks a lot like just another brick in the wall...
-particularly in view of Mr. Brown's disengenuous stance de-linking Islam from "terrorism". I'm far more concerned about the growing accommodation across Europe to Sharia and the imams than the occasional explosion.