Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Flying penguins! Dear Al, Can the polar bears be far behind?

Video exclusive: First-ever images of the world's only flying penguins - Mirror.co.uk

This has something to do do with Global Warming--as well as plate tectonics, of course. Am I surprised? Well, yeah. Shocked? Not in the least. Politics vs. nature--and how does nature fight back? Well, not at all. Nature ignores politics, always and forever. That's one of the beauties of nature I find so compelling.

I am continually dismayed by the rigid dogmatism of the narcissistic environmental community. They have a pathologically rigid view of life and and of history. No room for mystery, no room for miracles and no place for the chances that life takes to survive and to persist. Life, life that has flourished and changed for eons without their help. How sad and pathethic they are compared to this colony of penguins!

Update: my wife wonders if this was an April Fools day gag...


Red.eVolution said...

Your wife is right about the video.
I just watched this video and it looked realistic. I was confused at the first, but then I asked myself: how the hell could they fly with those little wings, they are too small to hold their bodies in flight (in reality those little things are flippers, more fit for swimming then flying).
So that, I made some research, and I found out that this short movie was indeed an "April fools" prank, made by the BBC.

Nicely done BBC, at least I had a laugh at it.

Emerson Twain said...

Sometimes I must just like the feeling of being awestruck. Oh, well...