Sunday, January 30, 2011

Obama's Green Revolution

Well, we haven't drilled for damn bit of new oil. Instead, we're going to "invest" in green jobs for the future--never mind about today and tomorrow. Instead, the all-wise government of Obama has its eye on The Day after Tomorrow. And on the "countless jobs" coming our way.

Thanks to the conceited and concerted policies of inaction of the uber-bourgeoisie of the progressive left, now as the Middle East erupts into chaos, we get to look forward to $4.00-$5.00 gasoline. Drilling for our own oil has been off-limits for quite some time hasn't it?, because we are "addicted to oil". Instead we have been subjected to a program of regulatory hubris--all predicated on the assumption that our well-being as a society depends upon stepping over the past, without a thought for the present or what might follow the present if the comfortable assumptions of the comfortable class failed. --As they are now failing. All predicated upon a rich society growing richer--except that we are not.

I have come to understand the desperation of the Sioux of Minnesota in 1862. While I don't, and never have particularly trusted anything the Federal Government says or does, I know that many people do and many people depend upon the Government. Increasingly. But the actions of my government in the arena of industrial policy, finance and business regulation are beggaring me, just as similar actions beggared the Minnesota Sioux. When, finally after all of the false promises of the government, the Sioux (who had supported themselves from time immemorial) had no food, they came to the store asking for credit so they could feed themselves and their children. "Let them eat grass" was the response.

Knowing how obscenely committed this government is to "going green", and how utterly oblivious they are; when it comes to the point that the middle class cannot afford to gas-up their cars to go to work, (as is rapidly becoming the case for me) because the money is needed for mortgages and food, I'm sure we can all look forward to the government's inspiring message: LET THEM GO GREEN. And they would take that as a measure of their success. Or so I surmise.

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