Monday, May 28, 2007

Thoughts for Memorial Day

Some Memorial Day observations here, courtesy of Jihad Watch

Robert Spencer observes that the western literati have completely lost it. Armies are, of course, obsolete, declasse, and anachronistic. That force of will and steely acts of men-at-arms might be necessary and honorable in their own right is but (temporarily, I hope) a distasteful memory best not memorialized. Of course, all of history has been made for our benefit, for there to be loft condos and granite countertops, and the trophy child and the retirement plan, and preening "pride" festivals and womens' studies, and Richard Brautigan novels, and the little dinner parties and the on-line shopping, and social justice, and arts-on-the-avenue and the lattes, and the nanny and the nanny-state. But no winners and no losers and no army recruiting either, please; its just so--so violent.

And my sentiments... well, there is a quote by General George Patton, paraphrased, that states: We ought not mourn people like those who died, but instead, thank God that they lived.

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