Sunday, May 20, 2007

War? What war? Aren't we ending the war?

The opportunity of a lifetime! Death! Inshallah...

This interesting recruiting post comes to us courtesy the estimable website Internet Haganah, probably sourced out of an African or European Jihadist website. Internet Haganah performs an invaluable service in monitoring the Arabic jihad websites for sensory indications that somewhere out there there are people who have designs on upsetting our complacency.

A lot of nice people here in the USA think that if you notice things like this, it's racist behavior for sure. If you try to draw conclusions or suggest there might really be something going on, something that our hapless president didn't create or cause, or plan in advance, why, that's insane.

What I find particularly interesting about this item is the expression "He who misses this war". Why is it that the al-Qaida guys tend always to know what war they're fighting in and recruiting for, but we don't? Could it be that what we consider to be wars, they consider to be merely battles? The last I heard, al-Qaida was operating in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Algeria, and lately in Arab occupied Judea and Lebanon. Probably lots of other places, too, including here in the USA. The U.S. Congress, however, is quite busy with the "War in Iraq", squaring it off and drawing bright lines and such with great emphasis and nodding amongst themselves. Wait 'til they find out it's only been a battle for position.

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